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The most popular cat breeds

When people decide to get a pet they usually get a cat. They are not as loud as dogs, they can’t cause a lot of damage and they don’t take much room, which is a very good thing if you live in an apartment, not in a house. Cats are nice to hold on your hands, they are pleasant to look at and they are funny to watch.

But cats are different, as any other kind of animals. There are a lot of breeds and you can choose the one you want. Cats of different breeds have different temper. If you stay in a lot, you are more likely to choose a cat that needs a lot of attention. If you are allergic to fur, you can get a hypoallergenic cat.

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Ideas of Snacks for Unexpected Guests

I am sure we all have faced the situations when we had to feed our friends who have come to visit us all of a sudden. These unexpected visitors usually choose the very moment when only a mouse hangs lonely in your fridge and you have only a vague idea of what you can prepare using your pretty lame cooking skills. I advise you to use one or several of the following recipes in order to save your reputation of a good host. These snacks are easy to make but they are nevertheless tasty.

The first and the simplest dish you can offer to your guests is fruit salad. It cam be made very fast, you need only to cut the fruit you have at your disposal. Besides, you may put in this salad any food you have without following any recipe. The combination of apples and oranges tastes good, but you may also add bananas, kiwis and anything you can find somewhere in the corners of your kitchen. Mix it with some yoghurt and serve it on a beautiful plate. If you have more time to prepare for the visit, you may make your salad look more exotic by putting it in a haft of a pineapple instead of a plate.

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What should I do to become a fashion photographer?

Today I would like to focus my attention on trendy fashion photography. Fashion photography refers to a genre of photography which deals mainly with clothes and accessories. Close to fashion photography there are other different types of photography one should pay attention to and understand differences existing between them: advertising photography, art photography and glamor photography.

Fashion photography has been existing since the 19th century when someone enterprising and adventurous decided to take pictures of dresses and accessories to promote to sell them. Nowadays fashion photography definitely has the same aims as it was at the time. But as for me I see it as a method to form your own style as well. Not many can afford to buy pretty expensive and luxurious clothes advertised in fashion magazines but it is an excellent way to create your very unique, extraordinary or extravagant look.

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Unusual Animals Kepts as Pets

Cats and dogs are loyal friends and perfect pets to keep at home but some people have a desire to make finds with someone unusual and totally different from others. It may seem to be trendy to keep deers, apes or crocodiles as companions at home.

A pet kangaroo. A red-necked wallaby is a nice tree kangaroo which will become your true friend only in case you’ll provide everything necessary for its comfort living. Take responsibility to maintain all the things required to create a comfort conditions for the well-being of your pet. Wallabies come from Australia. They reach the weigh of 14 or 19 kilos and are more than a meter high. They prefer to have their breakfast at an early hour when the day only begin to break. Though athe usually eat fruit , vegetables and grass they may also enjoy a pile of feed. Take into an account that this animal requires much space and a shelter which will save it from heat of cold. By the way it’s more difficult for a wallaby to bear heat. Try to reduce noise level as these small kangaroos can easily be frightened. In the panic they run wherever they may without paying any attention to the sudden obstacles and are likely to traumatize themselves. Such shy and pleasant friend costs about $ 2000.

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