Unusual Animals Kepts as Pets

Cats and dogs are loyal friends and perfect pets to keep at home but some people have a desire to make finds with someone unusual and totally different from others. It may seem to be trendy to keep deers, apes or crocodiles as companions at home.

A pet kangaroo. A red-necked wallaby is a nice tree kangaroo which will become your true friend only in case you’ll provide everything necessary for its comfort living. Take responsibility to maintain all the things required to create a comfort conditions for the well-being of your pet. Wallabies come from Australia. They reach the weigh of 14 or 19 kilos and are more than a meter high. They prefer to have their breakfast at an early hour when the day only begin to break. Though athe usually eat fruit , vegetables and grass they may also enjoy a pile of feed. Take into an account that this animal requires much space and a shelter which will save it from heat of cold. By the way it’s more difficult for a wallaby to bear heat. Try to reduce noise level as these small kangaroos can easily be frightened. In the panic they run wherever they may without paying any attention to the sudden obstacles and are likely to traumatize themselves. Such shy and pleasant friend costs about $ 2000.

A choosy capybara is far from being of a small size. It nay gain up to 50 kilos and b compared to the biggest dogs.This exotic pet is very fastidious but soon gets accustomed to his owner and grows attached easily. This pet also requires a large walking area with an enormous bush and a clear pond. So it’s better to keep it in a detached house where all these demands can be met. One should also cultivate a few kinds of grass to feed the animal, which may refuse to consume one and the same food each time. The price for that animal may vary from $ 500 to $ 5000.

A tiny monkey. Galagos also known as bush babies are a cute tree monkeys who inhabit the hot and wet rainforests and enjoys eating insects, small birds, young tree branches, fruit, eggs or flowers. Be aware that galago is a night animal which will sleep all day long with his hands firmly covering the ears. During the nighttime it will have fun climbing the trees and swinging on the lians. That’s why it’s better to find a suitable place for this pet where the animal and its owner will not disturb each other. These small monkeys prefer sleeping together but haunt and eat on their own. The price of one monkey is about $ 3000.

A skunk though being considered a stinky animal may become a loyal companion. One just shouldn’t irritate it making him use his famous weapon that way. Skunks are beautiful animals which are not chop eaters. They will be happy to have some fish, insects, vegetables or eggs. They also enjoy eating lucust and Colorado beetles. A baby skunk can be bought for $ 3000.


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