What should I do to become a fashion photographer?

Today I would like to focus my attention on trendy fashion photography. Fashion photography refers to a genre of photography which deals mainly with clothes and accessories. Close to fashion photography there are other different types of photography one should pay attention to and understand differences existing between them: advertising photography, art photography and glamor photography.

Fashion photography has been existing since the 19th century when someone enterprising and adventurous decided to take pictures of dresses and accessories to promote to sell them. Nowadays fashion photography definitely has the same aims as it was at the time. But as for me I see it as a method to form your own style as well. Not many can afford to buy pretty expensive and luxurious clothes advertised in fashion magazines but it is an excellent way to create your very unique, extraordinary or extravagant look.

But today I want to give you some tips how to become a fashion photographer. What you should do and what you should avoid so that your dream may come true.

I’m sure you have heard about such famous and very popular fashion photographers as Richard Avedon, Helmut Newton (my favorite one) or at least about Annie Leibovitz. And probably you would like to create as they do, to take the same marvelous pictures or maybe you are motivated to work in the sphere only because you want to work with supermodels? Whatever you want and what are actual reasons there are some tips I advise you to follow.

The most important thing you should pay attention to is your portfolio. You may write amazing and impressive CV but it is nothing for magazine editors and photo agencies. Your portfolio will present you without wasting words. And as many professionals say it really works. Another effective and helpful tool you may use to attract attention to your personality are direct recommendations from someone well known.

Also you can build a website presenting as many pictures as you can and have. Social networks are perfect as well. Then you will attract attention not only to narrow circle of professionals but to all who are obsessed with fashion photography. It is not that expensive as it seems to be but it really works. But at the same time it would be nice to have a book of your pictures as well to show it to small coterie of professionals.

Before sending photos to an fashion magazine editor learn as much as possible about a magazine you would like to work for. Be prepare to the fact that many fashion magazines even famous and established wouldn’t pay you at the very beginning of your mutual collaboration.

So if you do not want to work with editors then they recommend to work with agents who would present you, your portfolio and then sell your pictures. Photo agencies are intended as for beginners who do not have contacts and for busy professionals who do not have enough time. But it doesn’t mean you should be arrogant or whatever to them, they also have a choice whether work with you or reject your portfolio.

So hopefully my post will help you somehow and good luck!


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