The most popular cat breeds

When people decide to get a pet they usually get a cat. They are not as loud as dogs, they can’t cause a lot of damage and they don’t take much room, which is a very good thing if you live in an apartment, not in a house. Cats are nice to hold on your hands, they are pleasant to look at and they are funny to watch.

But cats are different, as any other kind of animals. There are a lot of breeds and you can choose the one you want. Cats of different breeds have different temper. If you stay in a lot, you are more likely to choose a cat that needs a lot of attention. If you are allergic to fur, you can get a hypoallergenic cat.

Here I am going to describe a few of the most popular cat breeds, maybe it’ll have you choose.

1.The American Bobtail Cat.

An American Bobtail is strong, it has a broad chest and straight back. Female cats are much smaller than males. Such cats are very calm, the main feature of this breed it a very short tail or its absence. An American Bobtail can be both: short-hair and longhair. It is a very kind animal, and it needs love and attention. It is great with children and other animals. It needs a lot of fresh air and likes to be out. The negative thing about this breed is that in face, a short tail is a mutation, so American Bobtails can have weak health.


The characteristic feature of this breed is very short legs. This is where the name of the breed is coming from. Short legs of a Munchkin is a mutation (just like a short tail of a Bobtail), but unlike a Bobtail, Munchkin is a very healthy cat.

These cats are sweet-natured and intelligent. They are always ready to play, but they are not annoying.

If a Munchkin has long hair, it should be brushed twice a week, if it’s a short hair cat – one time is enough.

3.Siamese Cat.

Siamese cats are of a white / light beige color, their fur near ears, tails, feet and nose is dark. When kittens are born they are almost white. They get darker as they get older. Siamese cats have very short and thick hair.

A Siamese cat is very playful, it misses its owner when he / she is not home. It is good with other cats but it prefers human company.

Siamese cats are known for their bad temper and they need proper training.

4.Persian Cats.

The main feature is that they are very long-haired and have a shortened muzzle. These cats are very devoted to their owners, they love sitting on lap and purring, grown-up cats are just as playful as kittens.

Persian cat is still one of the most popular breeds. They follow their owners everywhere and really like spending time with people.

Good luck choosing your cat, I hope my post was helpful enough 😉


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