My favorite comedies.

The easiest way to cheer up and perk up one’s mood is to watch another funny comedy. As for me it really works. Whether I feel blue or tired after a working day a funny film is the only possible way to “restore” myself and enjoy the life. And to tell the truth it actually doesn’t matter whether it is a feature film or TV show. And when does it matter?

If I have to make a list of my favorite comedies then number one in my list would be Some Like It Hot (1958) by Billy Wilder. It is typically American romantic comedy that depicts gender-bender situations involving two musicians who witnessed murders in Chicago. Because of it they had to leave the city and immerse themselves into the world of disguise, pretense and white lie. As it is supposed to be everything comes to a happy end. This film is also known as the classical screwball comedy that is characterized by burlesque situations along with escapist themes. My favorite dialogue of the film includes the following phrases: “I’m a man!” – “Well, nobody’s perfect”. That’s true, at least the answer.

If you are not keen on black and white Hollywood comedies of Golden Age and prefer something new then Friends TV show is exactly for you. I’m very surprised to meet people who have never watched this fantastic and hilarious show. And you know there are still such people. It is strange, isn’t it?

Friends is also American product produced by Bright/ Kauffman/ Crane Productions. And among other sitcoms it is number one. It seems like I love every single episode of this show. Well, the story…there is no actual story or at least I do not remember it even though I watched it several times. It is about six friends living in two apartments so that they share the common living environment. They are young people of different professions, interests and preferences. But it is nothing to the fact they are true friends. They find themselves all the time in different funny situations they try to get over. If you still haven’t seen it do it immediately! It would make your day definitely.

For some time I was also charmed and fascinated by Jim Carrey’s comedies. It should be admitted that his brilliant performance saves the situation every time there are a weak plot, bad screenplay or anything else like this. One of my favorite comedies starring Jim Carrey is Bruce Almighty (2003). The main character of the film is Bruce Nolan who due to some reasons gets in troubles. And due to some reasons he is granted with Lord’s power and might so that he gets a chance to rule the whole world. It appears to be pretty difficult and not that pleasant as it seems to Bruce for the first time. His first impressions are wrong. Nevertheless he manages to keep the situation under control. All is well that ends well.

Enjoy these movies and never feel blue.


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