Is a Dog an Agressor or a Friend?

During the recent years there is a lot of news about the tragedies that happened because of dogs. More and more often they are called “aggressors”, “man eaters” or “terrorists”. Have our pets really changed so much or the alternations happened on the other end of the lead?

According to the statistics the most part of the people traumatized by dogs don’t apply to a hospital but prefer to treat themselves. There are some cases of fatal or significant damage to their health, as the relationships between a dog and a human sometimes are difficult or even tragic.

But this constant flow of the negative information makes us forget that there is a great number of examples of dogs’ love and devotion to a human. 80 % of USA citizens consider dogs to be their companions, and 57 % of them would prefer to have a dog as a single friend in case if they would find themselves on a desert island.

There are a lot of moving real stories of dogs’ devotion and self dedication.

The Irish setter named Sadi was acknowledged to be The Dog of the Year in the US. The 18-kilos Sadi carried her 81-kilos owner home on her back when he had a sudden heart attack in the wood.

The friendship of a deaf girl and a blind dog is probably the most touching stories. That relationship saved Karry’s life. The dog lead the girl out of the crashing house. “Foke is my best friend. I’m his eyes and he’s my ears.”- says Karry.

And let us remember the numerous stories about the nanny dogs of the notorious breeds such as Rottweiler, Staffordshire Terrier or Dobermann. So what are the implicit reasons of the dogs’ behavior? The main thing often eluding from our attention the the reason for all the dogs’ good and bad actions is the behavior of the human. Not to be disappointed, but to enjoy the communication with a dog one must be sensible when choosing a pup. It is necessary to evaluate one’s possibilities adequately and be less influenced by another super breed being fashionable.

Many breeds were selected to attack and protect. But among the features of these breeds there is no non-motivated aggression towards human beings. Moreover the most of such dogs are quite friendly. Nowadays there is no information about the gene of aggression found in the dog DNA. So there is no ground for the ideas that the aggression is transmitted hereditary. Everyone who decides to have a dog should be aware of the goals. That means the the dog’s owner should provide the necessary conditions to maintain the mental and physical health of his pet.The situation when the owner doesn’t want to control the dog, which has already completed the necessary courses is not rare.

One should remember that a pup is not a toy. Think of the consequences of the fact that the dog may go out of control. Charming 2-months pups lose their awkwardness and turn into confident adult dogs who don’t always want to obey their owners.


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