How to Organize an Ideal Wedding

Finally, this day has come. He is standing on one knee and proposes to you with the most gorgeous ring you have ever seen. Or he just bends down to you and asks whether you want to become his wife and offers to bring the ring later. You say “yes” and he kisses you. Most romantic movies end with this breathtaking scene and then a happy end black out of the screen follow. But in reality it is only the beginning of one of the most difficult periods of your life – preparation for the wedding.

I will try to help you not to turn this process into a nightmare; you should just follow some simple instructions provided here. First of all, make a to-do list where you will put down all the things that should be done before the wedding. Then, decide on the budget you can spend on this event in order to understand what sum is allowed to spend on your dress, on the photographer and all the other stuff without creating a situation of being left without money.

Then think of the theme of the wedding. It may be a classical one or you may want to organize something special, when the decorations, atmosphere and dresses of the guests reflect a certain theme, like, for instance, ancient Greece or mafia party. Note, that you should indicate this theme in invitations in order to give time to your guest to get properly prepared. Do not also postpone the buying of your dress till the last moment – it is one of the most stressful tasks and it is better to complete it before the tension will reach its maximum point.

On this special day you will be surrounded with your friends and they will make the celebration a really happy event. You should take care that they will receive the invitations in time. Besides, think carefully whom you want to see on your wedding. Try to organize the places for your guests in such a manner which will make them feel comfortable, unite them in groups of the same age or the same interests.

There are so many preparations that should be made for the wedding and it is a pity that it lasts only one day. However, there are memories which are left, and it is better to preserve them in the form of photos. That’s why a photographer is one of the most important persons on your wedding. When choosing him, mind that you should feel easy and comfortable in his presence, because your mood will be reflected on photos and may spoil them or make them real masterpieces. Another figure that will help you to organize a wedding is a florist. Don’t try to do everything yourself, let other people help you, especially if they are professionals in this sphere.

The last problem you will face is one of psychological character. You may begin to doubt whether this man is really the one you need for the rest of your life. Don’t worry; it is just normal to hesitate before the wedding. But when you will see him, so handsome and so yours, before the altar all your doubts will fade away.


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