How to Get Banned from a Supermarket

If it appears so that you have nothing to do on the weekend, except cleaning the house and buying products in the local supermarket, do not hurry to bury your dreams of having fun under this routine duties. Shopping can become a great adventure for you and other customers if you are not afraid to behave ridiculously and strange. However, be aware that the administration of the store can ban you from it for your improper behavior. But if this reason does not stop you, you can use these tricks to have fun:

  • ask the assistant in the section of fire weapon where you can find antidepressants;
  • hide among the hanging clothes and frighten the customers by shouting “Choose me! Choose me!”;
  • lock up in the fitting room and shout after a while that there is no toilet paper in it;
  • hearing the announcement on the speakerphone lie down in the pose of embryo and shout “Oh, no!!! These voices again!”;
  • set all alarm clocks in the section of household goods to make them ring with five-minute interval;
  • put up a tent in the section of tourist goods and invite other customers to join you if they bring cushions with them;
  • ask the administrator to arrange installment on the package of M&Ms;
  • in response for the offer of the shop assistants to help you with the choice start crying and repeat “People, why don’t you just leave me alone”;
  • place the sign “Caution. Wet floor” to the store with carpet cover.

Of course, these actions will require courage from you, but they make your visit to the local supermarket unforgettable both for you and for its administration. Just remember, that even in the most routine duties there is always place for fun and laughter.


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One response to “How to Get Banned from a Supermarket”

  1. rebecca2000 says :

    Great post. Lots of fun stuff to do. I say bring a soap box and start reciting gibberish.

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