Spicy Temptation – Indian Cuisine

One of the best ways to learn more about cultural life of some foreign country is to explore its cuisine as food plays an important role in the establishment and preservation of traditions and rituals. Tell me what you eat and I tell you where you live – thus a famous proverb can be paraphrased. India, for instance, is a mysterious world of entangled traditions and believes. To make the acquaintance with this country as simple and pleasant as can be, one should start with its cuisine.

The food preferences of the Indians are different in the North and South regions. In the north of the country people traditionally eat wheat, in the south – rice. The southern Indians use coconut chips and coconut butter, while the northern people add onion and melted butter ghee. On then north it’s also popular to drink hot sweet tea with milk and add a breathtaking mix of spices in juices, so the Europeans find it practically impossible to drink.

Everyone will find something special for them in the great variety of Indian dishes. You may like tanduri which presents pickled pieces of chicken or mutton prepared in a clay oven with a generous addition of hot spices. It is good with the garnish of tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and green chili. Or it is possible that rice biryani will become your favorite – it is stewed in a pot with chicken and cinnamon, saffron and cardamom. India is famous also for its desserts, one of the most delicious one is called Gulab Jamun. Good news is, you can prepare it at home as the recipe is quite simple.

To prepare Gulab Jamun you will need a glass of milk, a glass of dry milk, butter, sugar, flour, a glass of seed oil, water and cardamom. First, make dough from hot milk, flour and dry milk and leave it to cool. For syrup mix sugar and water, add cardamom, boil it all and filter afterwards. Make small balls from the dough. Melt butter in a pan; add a glass of seed oil. Fry the balls in this deep-fry till the reddish cover. Then leave the balls in syrup for an hour or two and the Indian dessert is ready.

Every foreign cuisine requires from you to observe simple measures of precaution to avoid the problems with digestion. First, drink only from bottles you have opened yourself and try not to touch the edges like all Indians do. Then, get used to pepper as it is an excellent food disinfection. Finally, do not forget to carry the liquid for the decontamination of hands with you.


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