Top Hair Trends 2012

Long Hair Ideas

Long, Groomed And Bouncy

Hello from seventies! Coco Chanel used to say that clean and groomed hair itself is a great hairstyle. So, feel free to just make your hair loose and use special sprays and other hair care supplies to make them look shiny and gorgeous.


That’s the hottest 2012 hair trend applicable for both men and women. You can choose from parted greaser style, a slicked-back greaser style or a pompadour style. Use sea salt spray and pomade to create waves and just comb your hair back.

Tumbled Tail

Vintage look is still on top this year, so all kinds of braids are considered good practice. Faux fish tale is the most beloved one among women across the globe. No wonder: it is easy to make, looks beautiful and romantic, and besides it is very “utilitarian” – you can forget about your hair till the end of the day and be sure you look amazing. Use sea salt and texturising sprays and don’t wash your hair before making this hairstyle.

Mid-Length Hair Ideas


As mentioned above, vintage is still the hottest fashion. Bobs have come back from 60s and 70s and their glamour looks are suitable for both regular day in the office and for the wedding. Smooth and straighten your hair using an iron; then comb and section into 2 parts. Clip the upper one and then take smaller sections from the sides and pin both in the center of the head. Then take an upper hair and comb them down right over the pinned section. Tuck the ends of the hair under and pin them to create the “curls” effect and finish your hairstyle. You can repeat this “bob” style with curly hair as well.

Piled Hairstyles

Basically, you are free to do anything you want here. Just take your hair, section them and pin some random sections onwards and upwards. Comb the upper section to make it look like Brigitte Bardot hairstyle. Use sprays and some fancy clips and flowers to give your hair a finished look.

French Twist and Double French Twist

Classic is never out of fashion. This hairstyle works perfectly for any occasion. It is quite complicated to make, but a little bit of practice (or skilled hairdresser) will help you to comb your hair into a double French twist in a couple of minutes. Divide the hair into 3 sections and pin the top one out of the way. Use spray and a brush to back comb the other two sections to give them volume. Then do the same manipulations that you used to do when make a regular French twist: twist them in on themselves. The top section is supposed to be combed high and pinned.

Short Hair Ideas


If you are a lucky owner of afro hair, you don’t have to do anything at all except brushing them and making them loose. If you dream about the romantic “halo” but your hair is naturally straight, feel free to do some curving using specific hair care supplies.


This hairstyle works for short hair as well. Use hair mousses and volumising creams and sprays to backcomb your hair on top and don’t forget pins!


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