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Pasta – Useful and Tasty

Despite the wide spread belief, pasta is not harmful for your figure, if it is properly prepared, of course. 100 gr. of pasta contain only between 100 and 250 calories, and for one portion 85 gr. is enough. Pasta is well digested, satisfies hunger, contains balanced amount of proteins, fats and carbons. So, even if you keep a diet, it is not the reason to refuse from your favorite dishes. Only be careful with sauces – they should contain more vegetables, fish and seafood. Here are some light recipes of delicious pasta for you.

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How Did Theme Parks Appear

Going to the theme park is the most popular entertainment of all times. The attractions take our breath away and make the heart beat faster. The theme park are the places where laughter, happy spirit and extreme activities are concentrated. A visit there together with your friend and family could be a real holiday. That’s why visiting a Disneyland is the most wide-spread dream of the most part of toddlers. After the real pony in the backyard, of course.

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Vampire Knight: Blood and Romance

Vampire Knight is one of those anime series I define as special. It takes me away to another world filled with blood and romance at the same time leaving me with a strong feeling of delight. Having watched the last episode it is really sad to go back to monotonous reality and its faded colors.

There are three main characters in the anime:

Kuran Kaname, a pure blooded vampire who is respected and feared:

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The Funniest Youtube Channels

Funny things happen all around us and our friends can create a joke which will be a way greater than anything we read in newspaper anecdotes. With the help of the Internet people received an opportunity to share their funny creations with the rest of the world. For instance, everybody can post their videos on YouTube and make the audience laugh to tears. Here is my personal top of the funniest YouTube channels which has millions of subscribers for providing some particular feature.

1.The Annoying Orange. In every video of this type an orange with human eyes and mouth appears and behave annoying as it is stated in the title. The orange meet different other fruits and irritates them as well as the audience with its obnoxious behavior. The secret of the popularity of these videos remain obscure – may be it is the absurdity f the situation when some orange spoils the mood of other fruits.

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Top 5 Medical Fallacies Doctors Believe

The modern world is flooded with myths and fallacies though the current level of science and medicine is much more higher than few years ago. Generally all these myths are harmless. But if the doctors themselves believe the myths concerning the functioning of a human body we have a reason to take them seriously. Some specialists aim to prove the inconsistency of the most wide spread fallacies but they generally don’t succeed. The people tend to suppose the words of their local Gps to be the absolute truth.

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Face to Face with Yourself

World is becoming an overpopulated and overcrowded place to live in. Sometimes it is difficult even to hear your own thoughts, not mentioning your low inner voice which tells you in what direction to develop. So, it may be useful for your personal development to live away from the society for some time to clear your mind from all external noises. There are a few places in the world which personally I consider to be perfect for living in solitude.

Greenland, for instance, has the lowest population rate. The capital of it, Nuuk is a home for about 15,000 people, but if you find it too crowded you may go further to the North to the Nord settlement where you will feel like a real hermit.

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