Face to Face with Yourself

World is becoming an overpopulated and overcrowded place to live in. Sometimes it is difficult even to hear your own thoughts, not mentioning your low inner voice which tells you in what direction to develop. So, it may be useful for your personal development to live away from the society for some time to clear your mind from all external noises. There are a few places in the world which personally I consider to be perfect for living in solitude.

Greenland, for instance, has the lowest population rate. The capital of it, Nuuk is a home for about 15,000 people, but if you find it too crowded you may go further to the North to the Nord settlement where you will feel like a real hermit.

If you want to run as far as possible from civilization you should consider Svalbard island which is 400 miles away from Norway. The island has only about 2,700 inhabitants and as it is situated above the Arctic Circle your solitude can become pretty severe ordeal.

If you prefer more favorable climate conditions for your solitary stage of self-development, your choice is the islands of Tristan da Cunha which present the most remote inhabited place in the world. All 271 inhabitants live on Tristan Island, so the other ones, such as Nightingale, Gough and Inaccessible are entirely at your disposal.

However, it is not only the place which matters most when it comes to the seclusion from the society. First of all, you should understand that it is difficult step on your way to spiritual perfection, so your motivation should be strong enough. The aim of solitary life is not to run away with the luggage of your problems, but to get rid of them and find a new self after the period of reflections in silence.


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