The Funniest Youtube Channels

Funny things happen all around us and our friends can create a joke which will be a way greater than anything we read in newspaper anecdotes. With the help of the Internet people received an opportunity to share their funny creations with the rest of the world. For instance, everybody can post their videos on YouTube and make the audience laugh to tears. Here is my personal top of the funniest YouTube channels which has millions of subscribers for providing some particular feature.

1.The Annoying Orange. In every video of this type an orange with human eyes and mouth appears and behave annoying as it is stated in the title. The orange meet different other fruits and irritates them as well as the audience with its obnoxious behavior. The secret of the popularity of these videos remain obscure – may be it is the absurdity f the situation when some orange spoils the mood of other fruits.

2.Ray William Johnson. This guy is famous for making sets of viral videos and providing them with some comments of his own. He talks fast, laughs at his own jokes and raises his brows incredibly high. The videos he comments on include different kinds of content – it may be the stories about funny animals, video fakes, WTF videos and so on. The combination of a weird video with funny comment makes Ray William Johnson channel so popular all over the Internet.

3.Fred. This channel presents a set of videos starring Lucas Cruikshank who plays a 6-year old boy Fred. He has problems with anger management and unsuccessful home life. The particular feature which singles out these videos from the row of the similar ones is Fred’s shrill and extremely unpleasant voice which makes this character truly amazing.

4.Smosh. It is another popular YouTube channel which was created by Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla and presents comedy sketches. The jokes used in the videos are funny due to their absurdity. One thing can be said for sure – such stories as the adventures of drunken guinea pig will either make you laugh or provide you with the strongest hatred towards these two guys, but will in no case leave you indifferent.

YouTube provides you with an opportunity to post your own videos as well. It is an excellent way to find out how many Internet users will appreciate your sense of humor.


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One response to “The Funniest Youtube Channels”

  1. piecesofmyrandomness says :

    Since I’ve been an annoying orange giggle’ler for a long time, I really enjoyed your post. I didn’t have a clue who the behind the films were. So thanks for that 😉

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