Vampire Knight: Blood and Romance

Vampire Knight is one of those anime series I define as special. It takes me away to another world filled with blood and romance at the same time leaving me with a strong feeling of delight. Having watched the last episode it is really sad to go back to monotonous reality and its faded colors.

There are three main characters in the anime:

Kuran Kaname, a pure blooded vampire who is respected and feared:

Cross Yuki, a girl who lost all her memories of the events in her life before she was saved by Kaname from “bad” vampires:

Kiryu Zero who was born into the family of famous vampire hunters that was destroyed by vampires:

All the characters are at the territory of the Cross Academy, an elite institution aimed at building peace and cooperative relationship between humans and vampires. The so-called Day Class consisted of average students while the Night Class involved only vampires which was kept secret from humans.

Yuki and Zero become the guardians of the Academy and every evening they watch and protect the mystery. They are the only ones the principal can entrust such a duty as he adopted them both after they lost their families.

Beside that mystery there will be more of them intriguing and charming the viewer’s mind. The veil of the past will be lifted and the presence of two guys and one girl in the series makes it rather obvious that there might be a perfect love triangle. You will definitely feel the difficulty if you were the one to help Yuki make a decision as both Kaname and Zero are purely gorgeous.

If you are an appreciator of vampire theme you should definitely watch this one! There are two seasons: TV-1 and the second one that is called Vampire Knight: Guilty.


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