How Did Theme Parks Appear

Going to the theme park is the most popular entertainment of all times. The attractions take our breath away and make the heart beat faster. The theme park are the places where laughter, happy spirit and extreme activities are concentrated. A visit there together with your friend and family could be a real holiday. That’s why visiting a Disneyland is the most wide-spread dream of the most part of toddlers. After the real pony in the backyard, of course.

The first theme parks appeared long ago in Europe during the Middle Ages. In summer the funfair squares were full with swings and in winter the ice slides were established there. The first theme park was founded in Copenhagen. It still remains the most ancient functioning one which keeps welcoming the people who want to have fun for many ages.

In Eastern countries visiting attractions was the privilege of the aristocratic families only. But later the joy of a fast merry-go-round ride was accessible to the plain citizens. In Russia people of all ages enjoyed riding down the ice slides on a sledge or a rug.

The real verdure of theme parks was much later in the USA. It may seem a surprising fact but it was encouraged by trolley buses. The matter is that during the weekend the amount of the passengers rapidly declined. To make more people use the trolley buses during their days-off the smart merchants started building attractions on the transport routes. This rise of entertainment industry was abruptly cut off by the Second World War. Only the famous cartoonist Walt Disney had the courage to take risk and invest all his money into building Disneyland. The risky investment was amazingly successful and later the clones of famous theme parks began to open all over the world.


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  1. brad cooper (@bradc44) says :

    We always complain about theme parks being to pricey or to crowded, but we always have a good time.
    chad @

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