Circus Tricks for Your Cat

I always thought that a cat is some lazy and independent creature which demands to be fed and cared about and views you as a servant. However, my new pet – British Shorthair, has proved that I was wrong. Its easy and playful character inspired me to train the cat to perform simple tricks, and now I want to share my method of training with you.

The best age fro training is about three months. In this period of their lives cats are mature enough but their attention is not yet focused on the opposite sex. The greatest enemy of developing cat’s circus skills is a full belly. A cat can be trained only when it is hungry and only with tasty encouragement, no aggression or enforcement is allowed. Having taken into account these simple rules we can proceed to the training procedure itself.

The first thing you should teach your kitten is how to learn. It should understand that he received a piece of meat for some properly performed action. Before giving the food say some tender word to develop reflex. In future this word will be enough for your cat to encourage it.

You should begin training with the simplest tricks, like jumping from chair to chair, for instance. Place two chairs on some distance from each other. Put a kitten on one chair and lay a piece of meat on the other. The kitten is hungry and it will jump to another chair and eat meat. You should immediately lay another piece of meat on the first chair and the kitten will jump for it. Say “Good” but do not give meat any more. Then pretend you are putting meat on the second chair. When the kitten will jump on it, give them meat immediately. Your task is to make the kitten jump when you make a gesture with your hand but receive the meat later. Repeat the procedure ten times and end the lesson. The kitten should not perform too many monotonous exercises in a row; otherwise he may dislike training once and for all.

You should gradually increase the distance between the chairs. Another important thing you should note is stimulus control. It means that you should not encourage your kitten for the jumps it performed on his own initiative. Training will be successful when your pet will start jumping only on your command. After teaching your cat this simple trick you can proceed with other lessons like standing on hind legs, using the same technique.


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