How to treat women?

Sometimes it is really difficult to understand your girlfriend. It seems like everything is just okay but not for her. You are confused and have no idea what to do and what is going on. Well, there are some unspoken rules you should follow to strengthen your relationship.

Be attentive to her and be a good listener. Women can’t stand when men neglect them. Sometimes the only thing she needs is your attention. It doesn’t mean she needs your advice. Not really. If she needs it she would ask for it definitely.

For many women it is really important when their boyfriends remember events. You have no right to forget her birthday, St. Valentine’s Day and other holidays as well. Otherwise you are in a trouble.

It is extremely important for her to be introduced to your close friends and family. It means for her that she is an important part of your life. It would mean for her that you really love her and appreciate.

Mostly women are competitive by nature. It would disappoint her if you express interest in other women. Some girls go nuts when their boyfriends are discussing someone else even though they have no any intentions. It may really hurt her feelings.

Give her gifts and flowers without reason. It should not be expensive gift. For her it is a sign of your love and appreciation.

Express interest in her hobbies. It is really important when both partners share common interests. It means that you would spend more time together. In case you have different interests in your life then simply be interested. Don’t be indifferent to everything happens to her. It is very important to understand.

Be self confident and secure. She wants you to be able to help her and support when she really needs it. Don’t bother her too much with the problems you have.


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