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There is a lot of weird stuff online, everybody knows that. And I used to believe there is nothing I can possibly find surprising there, but a few days back I realized how wrong I was. I read a few articles after which my life will never be the same. For example, the article about how to poop . The title sure draws attention. The article is surprisingly adequate, it’s about constipation, but first I was a little bit shocked that they called it that. Couldn’t it be “How to deal with constipation” or something?But then I started googling it (I was wondering!), have you ever googled “how to poop”? If you didn’t – you should. I don’t mean to ruin it for you, but here is the list I got once I entered those words into search box:

How to poop more
How to poop better
How to poop more often
How to poop fast
Once you log in, you get “How to poop in space” added to the list. I guess it’s a bonus or something, I don’t know. It doesn’t show up when you are logged off. Ok, I can understand people who google “how to poop more often” and especially those who google “How to poop fast” (sorry for those by the way), but what is “how to poop more” about? I thought that those people accidentally press Enter trying to select “How to poop more often”, but then I found a question on Yahoo answers (first one on the list) than says: “How can I make myself poop a lot?” I have a better question: … why??
And those who wonder how to poop in space (how many people actually need this information, really?) have obviously never watched The Big Bang Theory. Shortly speaking: they have very special toilets up there, otherwise poop would obviously fly around.After I had a good laugh, I found another one: And one should understand that demand makes supply, and this article is actually in-demand. No offence to Justin Bieber fans, but… why?.. Why? ..Why?
There are also articles written just for fun (at least I hope they are written for fun), BuzzFeed even had a post about those : most perfect WikiHow articles ever written : “How to not be creepy” and “How to sell a llama to someone who doesn’t want a llama”…
Seriously, people, I will never get used to this Internet stuff!


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