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Shocked Woman Looking At laptop

There is a lot of weird stuff online, everybody knows that. And I used to believe there is nothing I can possibly find surprising there, but a few days back I realized how wrong I was. I read a few articles after which my life will never be the same. For example, the article about how to poop . The title sure draws attention. The article is surprisingly adequate, it’s about constipation, but first I was a little bit shocked that they called it that. Couldn’t it be “How to deal with constipation” or something?But then I started googling it (I was wondering!), have you ever googled “how to poop”? If you didn’t – you should. I don’t mean to ruin it for you, but here is the list I got once I entered those words into search box:
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The Funniest Youtube Channels

Funny things happen all around us and our friends can create a joke which will be a way greater than anything we read in newspaper anecdotes. With the help of the Internet people received an opportunity to share their funny creations with the rest of the world. For instance, everybody can post their videos on YouTube and make the audience laugh to tears. Here is my personal top of the funniest YouTube channels which has millions of subscribers for providing some particular feature.

1.The Annoying Orange. In every video of this type an orange with human eyes and mouth appears and behave annoying as it is stated in the title. The orange meet different other fruits and irritates them as well as the audience with its obnoxious behavior. The secret of the popularity of these videos remain obscure – may be it is the absurdity f the situation when some orange spoils the mood of other fruits.

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Memes – New Culture of Joking

Due to the growing popularity of social networks and different Internet communities a new kind of jokes, called memes has approached. Memes are also known as media viruses and present an idea, image or any other object of immaterial world which is transferred verbally, non-verbally or via Internet.

The term comes from a Greek word which can be translated as “semblance”. The name reflects the nature of this humorous phenomenon – it can replicate itself in numerous copies. The concept of memes was developed in 1976 by a British scientist Richard Dawkins. The principle of memes’ action is quite simple – somebody posts a picture with funny saying, the other users post the same picture with other phrases of their own and the meme’s popularity begins to grow.

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How to Get Banned from a Supermarket

If it appears so that you have nothing to do on the weekend, except cleaning the house and buying products in the local supermarket, do not hurry to bury your dreams of having fun under this routine duties. Shopping can become a great adventure for you and other customers if you are not afraid to behave ridiculously and strange. However, be aware that the administration of the store can ban you from it for your improper behavior. But if this reason does not stop you, you can use these tricks to have fun:

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My favorite comedies.

The easiest way to cheer up and perk up one’s mood is to watch another funny comedy. As for me it really works. Whether I feel blue or tired after a working day a funny film is the only possible way to “restore” myself and enjoy the life. And to tell the truth it actually doesn’t matter whether it is a feature film or TV show. And when does it matter?

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