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Circus Tricks for Your Cat

I always thought that a cat is some lazy and independent creature which demands to be fed and cared about and views you as a servant. However, my new pet – British Shorthair, has proved that I was wrong. Its easy and playful character inspired me to train the cat to perform simple tricks, and now I want to share my method of training with you.

The best age fro training is about three months. In this period of their lives cats are mature enough but their attention is not yet focused on the opposite sex. The greatest enemy of developing cat’s circus skills is a full belly. A cat can be trained only when it is hungry and only with tasty encouragement, no aggression or enforcement is allowed. Having taken into account these simple rules we can proceed to the training procedure itself.

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The most popular cat breeds

When people decide to get a pet they usually get a cat. They are not as loud as dogs, they can’t cause a lot of damage and they don’t take much room, which is a very good thing if you live in an apartment, not in a house. Cats are nice to hold on your hands, they are pleasant to look at and they are funny to watch.

But cats are different, as any other kind of animals. There are a lot of breeds and you can choose the one you want. Cats of different breeds have different temper. If you stay in a lot, you are more likely to choose a cat that needs a lot of attention. If you are allergic to fur, you can get a hypoallergenic cat.

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