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Ideas of Snacks for Unexpected Guests

I am sure we all have faced the situations when we had to feed our friends who have come to visit us all of a sudden. These unexpected visitors usually choose the very moment when only a mouse hangs lonely in your fridge and you have only a vague idea of what you can prepare using your pretty lame cooking skills. I advise you to use one or several of the following recipes in order to save your reputation of a good host. These snacks are easy to make but they are nevertheless tasty.

The first and the simplest dish you can offer to your guests is fruit salad. It cam be made very fast, you need only to cut the fruit you have at your disposal. Besides, you may put in this salad any food you have without following any recipe. The combination of apples and oranges tastes good, but you may also add bananas, kiwis and anything you can find somewhere in the corners of your kitchen. Mix it with some yoghurt and serve it on a beautiful plate. If you have more time to prepare for the visit, you may make your salad look more exotic by putting it in a haft of a pineapple instead of a plate.

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