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My Beauty Supplies Alternatives Trial: Part 1

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Remember that Sex In The City episode when Carrie realized that she was a “Fendi bag lady”? She told that she spent too much money on Manolos and accessories but had no savings to pay for her apartment and actually no backup plan at all. That’s how I felt the other day. It wasn’t only about shoes and clothes though but about a bunch of other things that every girl has to invest in to look more or less competitive. Particularly, I’m talking about clothes, hair care, skin care, tanning salons, nails, etc etc. At some point I realized that I spend too much money on these things, actually a lot more than I can afford. And I started wondering, like, what if I try to do some of these beauty routines myself without visiting salons or buying beauty supplies in the stores? Would the price gap be significant? Would it be justified in terms of time and efficiency? All in all, I carried out a little research, so check it out.

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Top Hair Trends 2012

Long Hair Ideas

Long, Groomed And Bouncy

Hello from seventies! Coco Chanel used to say that clean and groomed hair itself is a great hairstyle. So, feel free to just make your hair loose and use special sprays and other hair care supplies to make them look shiny and gorgeous.


That’s the hottest 2012 hair trend applicable for both men and women. You can choose from parted greaser style, a slicked-back greaser style or a pompadour style. Use sea salt spray and pomade to create waves and just comb your hair back.

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