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How to treat women?

Sometimes it is really difficult to understand your girlfriend. It seems like everything is just okay but not for her. You are confused and have no idea what to do and what is going on. Well, there are some unspoken rules you should follow to strengthen your relationship.

Be attentive to her and be a good listener. Women can’t stand when men neglect them. Sometimes the only thing she needs is your attention. It doesn’t mean she needs your advice. Not really. If she needs it she would ask for it definitely.

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Vampire Knight: Blood and Romance

Vampire Knight is one of those anime series I define as special. It takes me away to another world filled with blood and romance at the same time leaving me with a strong feeling of delight. Having watched the last episode it is really sad to go back to monotonous reality and its faded colors.

There are three main characters in the anime:

Kuran Kaname, a pure blooded vampire who is respected and feared:

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