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Circus Tricks for Your Cat

I always thought that a cat is some lazy and independent creature which demands to be fed and cared about and views you as a servant. However, my new pet – British Shorthair, has proved that I was wrong. Its easy and playful character inspired me to train the cat to perform simple tricks, and now I want to share my method of training with you.

The best age fro training is about three months. In this period of their lives cats are mature enough but their attention is not yet focused on the opposite sex. The greatest enemy of developing cat’s circus skills is a full belly. A cat can be trained only when it is hungry and only with tasty encouragement, no aggression or enforcement is allowed. Having taken into account these simple rules we can proceed to the training procedure itself.

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How to Get Banned from a Supermarket

If it appears so that you have nothing to do on the weekend, except cleaning the house and buying products in the local supermarket, do not hurry to bury your dreams of having fun under this routine duties. Shopping can become a great adventure for you and other customers if you are not afraid to behave ridiculously and strange. However, be aware that the administration of the store can ban you from it for your improper behavior. But if this reason does not stop you, you can use these tricks to have fun:

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