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How Did Theme Parks Appear

Going to the theme park is the most popular entertainment of all times. The attractions take our breath away and make the heart beat faster. The theme park are the places where laughter, happy spirit and extreme activities are concentrated. A visit there together with your friend and family could be a real holiday. That’s why visiting a Disneyland is the most wide-spread dream of the most part of toddlers. After the real pony in the backyard, of course.

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Vampire Knight: Blood and Romance

Vampire Knight is one of those anime series I define as special. It takes me away to another world filled with blood and romance at the same time leaving me with a strong feeling of delight. Having watched the last episode it is really sad to go back to monotonous reality and its faded colors.

There are three main characters in the anime:

Kuran Kaname, a pure blooded vampire who is respected and feared:

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